Immerse Yourself.

The Immersa-Dome® is an event marketing platform for immersive 4D experiences.

Designed and developed for trade shows and events, the Immersa-Dome is like an up close and personal 4D theater. Use it to promote brands, convey powerful messages, and deliver lasting impressions.


Experience total immersion from inside the dome with a hemispherical screen and an amazing 170˚ field of view. The dome also shows video on the outside to attract visitors.


Amaze the viewer with time-triggered scents that are synchronized to the video content. See an orange on the screen? You’ll smell an orange too.


Engage the sense of touch and feeling of motion with perfectly timed wind effects. The quiet blower and duct system creates the illusion that air is coming directly from the visual source.


During bumps, vibration and scene movements, the hollow-cavity seat acts as a large transducer to help a visitor feel like they are part of the experience.


The audio system entraps sound inside the dome, preventing noise from disturbing surrounding exhibits, while giving the visitor a rich, captivating audio experience without external distractions.

Make an impact.

The Immersa-Dome’s special effects create a personal experience for each visitor that is both unique and memorable. This kind of 4D technology is rare outside of major theme parks, and because the imagery fills the field of view, there are no other audience members and no external distractions. This leads to a situation where you have the visitor’s complete and undivided attention. When coupled with other experiential marketing initiatives and social media, this highly effective message delivery system can drive momentum and build enthusiasm beyond the scope of your event.

Ready to go.

Setting up the Immersa-Dome is incredibly easy. We preload it with your video experience, so just roll it into position, plug it in, and turn it on.

Getting the system to your show is easy too. The shipping crate is designed for quick load/unload, with a fold up ramp that allows the unit to easily roll out of the crate. The casters on the bottom of the unit means there’s no heavy lifting involved.

The Immersa-Dome is available for purchase along with short-term and long-term rental options.

Get started  

Make it awesome.

Pair our amazing technology with your amazing content. The Immersa-Dome is a great way to deliver messaging to an attentive, engaged audience, and we have years of experience in producing compelling content for the platform. We have various film and video production partners available to work with you on your project, or we can consult with your production staff to help make your experience as immersive and captivating as possible.


Extreme versatility.

The Immersa-Dome’s 4D technology has been used for experiential event marketing by a wide range of clients in diverse industries. It’s been featured at two International Olympic venues, the TED Conference and Wired Magazine’s NextFest. A major pharmaceutical company used the Immersa-Dome to help doctors understand the cause and recognize the symptoms of a chronic pain condition associated with diabetes. The US Army selected the system as part of its event recruiting strategy at trade shows and in mobile trailers, with powerful results. The 4D effects and compelling content bring these brands to life.

Bring your brand to life  

Make it yours.

The Immersa-Dome’s lightweight metal structure can be customized with a variety of paint options and colors, including full color printed vinyl wraps, decals, or powder coat.

Interested in using the Immersa-Dome as part of a larger booth layout? Maybe you’re considering the design of a mobile exhibit or touring trailer and you’re short on space. Either way, we’ve got you covered. While the system usually ships with a freestanding projector support structure and floor plate to allow easy setup in open spaces, we can design and implement custom solutions to accommodate your space requirements or existing infrastructure. From ceiling or truss mounts to short throw projection and custom power and signal cabling, we have the experience to fully integrate the Immersa-Dome into whatever space is required.

Experiential experience.

Since our founding in 2007, Aardvark has developed a wide range of applications for clients worldwide. We have worked with the agencies or brands for major pharmaceutical companies, international tourist destinations, and the recruiting efforts of two branches of the US armed forces. The Immersa-Dome has been featured at Wired Magazine‘s Nextfest, the TED Conference, and both the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games.

Aardvark specializes in creating experiences for your brand. We work directly with brands, or as a third party through an ad agency or exhibit company. Our products are all about brand customization. We work hard to make it look like our technology comes directly from your company. For more information on how we can help your next event to be extraordinary, send us an email or give us a call.


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